I’m 26 years old. I enjoy reading, studying popular culture and have a particular interest in the way in which the media influences society, our morals, attitudes and expectations.


I have a passion for live music and comedy and an interest in sports and investigative journalism, poetry and independent film making. I like drinking cider in the sunshine, funny people and the moderately unhinged.

Up until recently I never really talked about a majorly significant defining aspect of my life, the fact I’m disabled. More specifically that I’m paralysed from the chest down, fully reliant on a wheelchair to get around and have been since the age of 6. I’ve never really talked about my disability, I never wanted to, I never felt the need and I certainly didn’t think anybody else would be interested in hearing about it.

At some point this year in a climate of cuts and c***s I got really pissed off about the way the media were portraying disabled people, remembered that I was one and thought I should do something about it. So that’s what this is – something about it.